Let me take you back to once upon a time

Published 3 ديسمبر,2014 by ghadirhamadi97

Let me take you back to once upon a time..to a time when I  wholeheartedly believed in the ”magical power of true love”..I thought that falling in love was just what I needed, and come to think of it can you blame me? When we have a million dollar industry whose main goal is to make me feel that way, as if my life, my whole life:my goals,and my dreams,and my accomplishments, fall short on the  scale because the horror I don’t have a ‘man’ in my life. And so let me hold your hand and take you back to my Senior Year of high school where it all begun. I’ve learned that every disastrous story in the history of females starts with the familiar sentence ‘so I met a guy…”. Being 17 years old with the whole world at your feet, and the rays of your beautiful sunny future shining in your eyes you truly feel like you’re invincible. You’ll never have your heartbroken because wouldn’t you have guessed it? HE’S THE ONE. HE’S THE ONE , I’d scream on school breaks excitedly rubbing my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD’s arm. I’d go home and talk to him for hours upon hours. It’s not that he said all of the right things, because trust me he didn’t, and its not that he was all that I ever wanted to be , because he wasn’t, and no he didn’t look at me like I’m the only girl in the world because unfortunately, or so I thought at the time, I wasn’t. I thought that he was The One meekly because I grew up in a male-dominated society that taught me since birth that NO  a female can not possible have a ‘perfect’ life without a 6 foot male by her side.


Published 2 ديسمبر,2014 by ghadirhamadi97

Many of us sit and ponder over the true meaning of life. Us the regular people, the commoners if you please. The students,and the mums,and the employees  who are trying to scrape their salary to meet their so called necessities of ‘life’ , . Nor am I talking about the politicians, the mangrove trees, who built their entire lives on our backs.I’m talking about the students who can’t contain their excitement, the ones who can’t just cab’t wait until they get their degrees because surprise, surprise their degrees are their one way ticket to their”real life”, I’m talking about the mums who hold their little bundles of happiness, their”lives” as most of them phrase it in a little expensive blanket from Chicco , I’m talking about the employees who can’t wait for their next promotion, because then, and only then can they afford a better ,and more luxurious life.. If you are reading this and the shoe  fits ..please answer the puzzling question that asks itself what is life truly all about